Color Box - Inner beautiful boxes
Customized design

Corrugated boxes - Out stronge boxes
Customized design

Corrugated board
Customized design

The company pays attention to the introduction and training of talents. At present, we have hundreds of professional technicians and managers with high quality, who can provide customers with a series of services including design, plate making, color printing and post-processing in a timely.
  • Cost Advantage :XINGHUA produces corrugated board ourselves .And exports corrugated board to carton boxes factories. Save raw material purchase cost .
  • Delivery Time Advantage : XINGHUA has the best advanced machines all over china. Our auto-production machines produce from corrugated board ,printing ,cut ,packing all by robot .
  • Quality advantage :XINGHUA control raw material seriously .From paper to corrugated board and cartons ,all steps are must be under our strictly SOP.
  • Transport Cost Advantages : XINGHUA located in LINYI city - logistic capital of china .All cargoes can be sent to any cities of china in conveniently ,safety ,and cost less .
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