2018 Xinghua annual work summary commendation meeting

On February 11th, 2019, the leaders of the Group and its branch offices and staff representatives gathered together to hold the 2018 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference and the 2019 Work Mobilization Conference in the Auditorium of the Group's Activity Center to jointly summarize the work of the past year and commend them. In the past year, we have worked hard on the front line of outstanding employees, technical pacesetters, advanced managers, and advanced units that have made outstanding contributions.
The award ceremony was held first, the group commended the outstanding teams and individuals emerging from the work in 2018. Some senior unit managers and employee representatives delivered their speeches and shared their work experience and successful experience.

After the awarding ceremony, Mr. Hua Chunyong, the chairman of the group, delivered a speech and summarized and reviewed the high-rise building in 2018. He praised the achievements made in the work and profoundly pointed out the problems in the work of the group. The company's work in 2019 put forward requirements and deployment, and at the same time sent a sincere New Year greeting to all colleagues.

In his speech, Mr. Hua demanded that all employees should fully understand the grim situation of the current market, but also strengthen their confidence and prepare for full ideological and welcoming the opportunities and challenges of the market. The whole company should take the "3, 5, 5" strategic plan as the guide, and actively implement the strategic direction of "bigger and stronger packaging and printing main business, collaborative development of paper trade, and steady development of financial service industry", in accordance with the "development, management year" year. Strategic positioning, focus on the following work: 1. Implement the Group's “Development and Management Year” strategy, comprehensively improve the marketing management level, actively explore the market and increase market share; 2. Full implementation of lean production management to achieve effective operation of quality and environmental systems; Improve the automation level of production equipment, strengthen information construction, and build intelligent factories; Improve the Group's human resources management system and build a professional, high-quality, echelon-based workforce; Strengthen the construction of corporate culture, enhance corporate cohesion, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises.
Xinghua people not only excel in their work, but also show their professional performance level in the talent show. In the next stage of the performance,  songs ware greeted by the colleagues .The charm and style of this moment are extremely fascinating, and the whole cultural performances are filled with joy and laughter.

The annual meeting ended in a warm and joyful atmosphere. Everyone spent an unforgettable afternoon together . This conference is not only a summary of the commendation , but also a mobilization conference. The 2019 has already arrived .It is also a key year for the implementation of the Group's “3:5” plan. We hope that the employees will take this conference as an opportunity to vigorously carry forward the enterprise spirit of “unity, forge ahead, innovation, truth-seeking and pragmatic, self-improvement”, down-to-earth. Work together to achieve the grand blueprint and strategic goals of the Group's development!