2018 successful customer appreciation meeting finished

On December 23, 2018, Xinghua Packaging Annual Customer Appreciation Meeting was held in Lanhai 5 star International Hotel . In the theme of “Joining a New Era and Creating New Brilliance”, more than 400 customers and suppliers were invited to gather in us. With the beautiful luncheon, wonderful performances and generous awards, we thanks all the supports and love for the past year.
Although the meeting finished,  in the future we have unlimited time and space to join hands, thank you for your untiring and accompaniment for so many years  .
Let's take a closer look at the wonderful moments of the meeting...

Clients signed at the scene, a VIP client signed up and receive the company's carefully prepared souvenirs, and signed their name on the signature wall to express a blessing for a better future!

At 11 o'clock in the morning, the meeting will officially begin. Mr. Hua Chunyong, Chairman of the Group, delivered a speech firstly and expressed warm welcome and sincere thanks to all the guests present! In summary of the development of Xinghua in the past year : “In 2017, the packaging industry experienced a once-in-a-century, unprecedented market situation, which is a severe test for the entire paper and paper packaging industry. Under the unremitting efforts and hard work of all employees of Xinghua, with the strong support of customers and suppliers, the indicators set at the beginning of the year were fully completed." Looking forward to 2019, the company has proposed "a new year, we will continue in the concept of customer first, quality first, sincere service, and stable operation, we will work together with every partner to achieve a total win.". Finally, Mr. Hua once again expressed sincere gratitude to the guests ,and wished everyone a happy New Year, a happy family and good luck.

Mr. Dang Dejian, General Manager of Shandong Xinhua, took the stage to give a full detailed introduction of Xinghua's advanced plant equipment, perfect technology and regional leading production capacity.

Next, in order to thanks the partners who have worked hard together with Xinghua , we Award trophies and prizes.

At the meeting, Fu Yong carton president Yan Zong, Shanying Paper president Ms. Liu, on behalf of customers and suppliers made a speech .Shanying Paper Liu recalled the glorious years of growing together with the company and expressed good wishes for the company's development. Ms.Yan Lei Yan expressed his gratitude and trust to the company and presented a beautiful gift.