main New Tech Show on the Corrugated Boxes .

4 main New Tech Show on the Corrugated Boxes .
The new tech corrugated Boxes have better performances on Moisture-proof , anti-corrosion and rip resistance Meanwhile ,the mixture corrugated boxes help Fruit ripening.
In this article ,we mainly introduce 4 main new tech on the corrugated boxes .
1. Plastic pads inside
The plastic film soaked with antibacterial agent and preservative .Then make it in corrugated cardboard, and then the inner surface of the corrugated paper coated with CTM preservative. The composition is the comparison of the pressure resistance of the waterproof corrugated board and the application of Technology& Application phytohormone. Acid and its derivatives, phenol ketone and its derivatives (such as cetohydrin) and terpene ether. This corrugated board prevents moisture from evaporating, maintains the freshness of the product in the box, and regulates and controls the temperature.
2. Compound type
Make the aluminum-plated plastic wrap laminated on the inner surface of the corrugated cardboard. The composite film has the function of absorbing ethylene gas. It prevents evaporation of water and reflect radiant heat, prevent the temperature inside the box from rising, and play a role in preserving freshness.
3. Foaming type
Compared with ordinary type, corrugated board has better preservation effect.
1. The moisture permeability is 1/20 of ordinary corrugated board, which is not easy to cause fruit and vegetable contracture due to evaporation of water.
2. Due to the low number of heat conduction systems, the heat resistance effect is good, and there is no sharp temperature fluctuation in the box.
3.Due to the low air permeability, it can adjust the storage atmosphere. The above three kinds of corrugated cardboard were used to make the carton, and the fresh-keeping effect of the cauliflower was evaluated. As a result, the oxygen content in the foam-type fresh-keeping corrugated box gradually decreased, the CO concentration increased, and the cauliflower respiration and growth were inhibited; The cauliflower has little flowering due to lack of oxygen, but it has a pest and a strong smell. The atmosphere in the ordinary carton is almost the same as the atmosphere, and the cauliflower turns yellow and deteriorates.
4. Mixture type.
A porous ethylene gas absorbing powder is added to the corrugated cardboard inner surface paper manufacturing process to prevent ripening; a special ceramic powder capable of emitting infrared rays of 6 m to 41*m wavelength can be applied to the base paper, which can emit infrared rays at normal temperature. It not only activates the relevant molecules in the fruit, but also enhances the ability to resist microbial attack, and also activates the enzyme to improve the sweetness of the fruit. It is used for fresh fruit packaging of peach, grape, and bayberry.