The best tax payer

On the evening of April 28, 2017, Linyi City's second “most beautiful taxpayer” selection ceremony was held in Linyi Radio and Television tower. Linyi Xinghua Packaging Co., Ltd. won the honorary title of “the best taxpayer”.
The "most beautiful taxpayer" selection activity was jointly organized by the Linyi City Finance Bureau, the Municipal State Taxation Bureau, the Municipal Local Taxation Bureau, and the Municipal Radio and TV Station. The aim was to promote the city's economic development, prosperity, and focus on the Linyi economy. The results of the construction will form a caring taxpayer in the whole society, serve taxpayers, and respect the good atmosphere of taxpayers. The event started in April 2016 and lasted for 11 months. After the registration recommendation, the preliminary election, the public vote, the expert review, and the comprehensive assessment, the event finally selected 60 “most beautiful taxpayers” among the city's many taxpayers. "People", every taxpayer uses positive actions to convey the positive energy of society, and it is worthy of our tribute!
In recent years, our company has always adhered to the spirit and attitude of a company with social responsibility, actively serving the overall situation of local economic and social development, enthusiastically participating in social welfare undertakings, adhering to law-abiding management, taking the initiative to assume social obligations, and transmitting positive social energy. The whole society has demonstrated the good image of taxpayers in the new era to pay taxes and give back to the society.
In the next step of the work, the company will continue to pay attention to social welfare undertakings, and make more contributions to city's overall economic situation!