Corrugated box strength design date

Corrugated box strength design date
1, corrugated board strength requirements
1.1: Side pressure strength: The maximum force that the corrugated board can withstand before the pressure feed in the direction of the corrugated board. Unit: N/m.
Side pressure strength = integrated base paper ring strength + integrated corrugated paper ring strength * shrinkage
The general side pressure calculation is calculated according to the minimum ring pressure strength of the base paper (safe and reliable), and the actual test value will be appropriately larger than the theoretical calculation value.
1.2: Breaking strength: The maximum external force that can be evenly increased before the rupture of corrugated cardboard per unit area. Unit: Kg/cm2.
Cardboard Fracture Strength = Foil Bursting Strength + Medium Foil Bursting Strength + Bottom Paper Fracture Strength
* Due to a certain strength loss during the manufacturing process, the actual test rupture strength will be less than the calculated value of 1 Kg/cm2.
1.3: Puncture strength: The new national standard GB6544-1999 has eliminated the requirement for the puncture strength of cardboard. (original standard GB6544-1986)
2. Corrugated box strength requirements:
2.1: Side pressure, breakage, and puncture the same cardboard. The edge strength of the carton will be lower than the edge strength of the board (due to the corrugated loss of the manufacturing process).
2.2: Compressive strength of the carton: (common box type, corresponding to the international box type code: 0201)
Compressive strength = side pressure strength (N / cm) * Kerikat constant F
The F value depends on the perimeter of the carton, 2* (length + width) cm. and corrugated. After the two items are determined, the F value can be checked. The actual compressive strength test value is related to the ratio of the length, width and height of the carton. Cartons with the same perimeter and the same material type: the higher the height, the smaller the compression resistance; the larger the base area of ​​the length * width, the greater the compression resistance.
3. machine box compression strength = corresponding to the ordinary box type compressive strength * 0.6 * 1.62 * shake cover width / carton width.
4. Adhesive strength of carton and paperboard (peel strength of corrugated molding instead of adhesive strength of the adhesive box at the joint). The force required to separate the unit length of cardboard paper and corrugated paper.
Unit: N/m. The industry standard is uniformly specified to be greater than 588 N/m楞.
5. Stacking strength and compressive strength.
The required compressive strength of the carton = [carton gross weight * (stacking layer number - 1)] * safety factor K. The front part is the static stacking strength of the carton. The value of K depends on the number of printing plates, the degree of opening, the nature of the inner packaging, the degree of valuableness, the storage and transportation time, conditions, and the like. The value of K generally takes 2-5.