Corrugated box FAQ

Corrugated box FAQ
This article mainly explains the common problems of longitudinal upward warping, longitudinal downward warping, s-shaped warping, and two-way warping of corrugated boxes.
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Longitudinal upward warping
The original paper is not strong enough
Raw paper contains water imbalance
Preheating angle regulation imbalance
Overfilled paper overpass
Paper overpass output corrugated board tension is too large
Appropriately increase the control of the tension system
Appropriately heat or spray water to heat
Check and trim the drive to ensure parallel operation
Reduce accumulation
Properly reduce output tension control
Longitudinal downward warping
The canvas belt is not running enough
Paper overpass graphics out of corrugated cardboard is not enough
Facial paper contains water imbalance
Paper force is too large
Check and correct the tension of the canvas
Increase the output tension control appropriately
Spray water and heat it properly
Reduce the tension control of the opposite paper
S-shaped warp
Raw paper moisture distribution is uneven
Corrugated rolls use different papers and uneven surface wear
The humidity is too high
The rubber roller and the floating roller are not parallel
Spray or control
Easy repair or replacement of corrugating rolls
Increase the preheater wrap angle, reduce the speed of the car, improve the quality of the adhesive
Appropriate corrections and adjustments
Two-way warping
Unbalanced moisture distribution in the base paper
The original paper force is too large or too small
Preheater floating roller does not work properly
Paper flyover, preheater, gluer center line is not correct
Spray or preheat control
Keep it clean and dry, adjust the tension system appropriately
Tightening or relaxing the brakes and controlling the tension
Check or correct parts of the operation and ensure horizontal work
If the installation error is correct, it should be re-corrected and partially deflected to adjust