Paper Corrugated carton is widely accepted by all industries

Paper Corrugated carton is widely accepted by all industries
Carton is the most widely used packaging product, and bears the important responsibility of packaging, protecting products and aesthetics.
What are the reasons corrugated carton can be so popular ?
Corrugated boxes have many functions. Here is a brief introduction to the main functions that are commonly used:
1. Corrugated box protection function.
Protecting the inside of the beer is the primary function of the beer corrugated box. Therefore, the beer production enterprise formulates the physical strength index of the corrugated box according to the weight of the corrugated box and the height of the pallet, including the side pressure strength, the burst strength, the puncture strength, the bonding strength, the compressive strength of the empty box, etc. of the corrugated box. . Beer corrugated boxes meet these physical strength requirements to achieve their protective functions.
2. Corrugated carton brand bearing function.
Exquisite printed patterns play a huge role in attracting consumers' eyeballs in the current highly competitive terminal market channels, and have a good promotion effect on product brand reputation and promotion. Nowadays, more consumers like to buy beer in a full box or as a gift. The exquisite corrugated carton packaging becomes a silent salesman. The beer corrugated carton is not only the transportation packaging of the product, but is now slowly infiltrating into the sales packaging.
3, corrugated carton transport function:
In the structural design of the carton, especially in container transportation, shelf storage, reasonable size, shape and materials can not only save costs, provide the best packaging solutions, and can guarantee The product is most effectively protected during long-term shipping. Under such circumstances, the structure and size design of corrugated boxes are also becoming increasingly important.
4, corrugated carton environmental protection function
Corrugated carton is a green product, it is conducive to environmental protection, conducive to loading and unloading.
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