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Enterprise Wishes : Create a century-old Xinghua, cast a first-class packaging enterprise .
Enterprise Mission : Serving customers, achieving employees, returning shareholders, contributing to society .
Enterprise Core Value : Honesty, win-win, responsibility, innovation, gratitude, dedication.
Enterprise Style : Hard working, rigorous being, efficient servicing, pragmatic acting.
Enterprise Spirit : Enterprise Unite and forge ahead, pioneering and innovative, seeking truth and being pragmatic, self-improvement.
Enterprise Business Philosophy : Customer first / Quality first / Sincere service / Compliance with laws and regulations / Strict control of risks / Steady management.
Enterprise Employing Philosophy : People Foremost / Appoint people on their merit / Ability and Political Integrity /  Virtue First.
Choose a person with : Good character ,Good Execution ,Good at learning ,Team first thinking ,Responsibility .
Exclusion a person with : Misconduct ,Unfamiliar with products ,Do not cultivate subordinates ,Think away from change ,Disobedience on leader’ guide .